Tyler Dumont

Tyler Dumont, owner of Physiomoves, and his team of knowledgeable physiotherapists have provided our Mint Conditioning athletes with exceptional treatment and care since 2014. Established in 2007, Physiomoves has developed a reputation as one of the best physiotherapy/ rehabilitation clinics in the lower mainland. It should also be noted, that Tyler is the only Physiotherapist in South Surrey, White Rock and Langley to hold a Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy.

Mint Conditioning athletes receive priority access to treatments at Physiomoves. Together, we provide a comprehensive active rehabilitation program that progresses the athletes from injury back to sport. Physiomoves provides a variety of services, including active rehab, manual therapy, IMS, RMT and more. They are conveniently located at:

Panorama Ridge- #220, 5620 152nd St. Surrey, BC

South Surrey- 1599- 128th St. South Surrey, BC

Tyler and his team are thrilled to be partnered with Mint Conditioning and look forward to continuing to provide quality rehabilitation treatment for our athletes.


Mental Health

Aleisha Ross

Aleisha is thrilled to be apart of the Mint Conditioning mental health team! She completed her Masters of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies from Simon Fraser University. Passionate about education and social justice, she is dedicated to pursuing her passion as a life-long learner and educator while working with youth to empower them to pursue their own personal passions and goals.

She is currently an active member of Youth for a Change, a core group of dedicated queer activists who seek to make a positive change in the community while advocating and educating for youth homelessness, healthy teen relationships and gender identities. Throughout her academic career Aleisha has had a wide variety of volunteer experience working with children in elementary school classrooms and providing leadership and mentoring to young females in local community programs such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Go Girls! a group mentoring programs for girls aged 12-14 that focuses on physical activity, balanced eating and self-esteem.

Today’s youth are bombarded with contradictory images and messages through social media and pop culture on a daily basis and as a result are at a risk of low self-esteem and body image. To body changes, and relationships, while battling internal, parental, religious or cultural pressures, added stresses and anxieties are endless. She believes in engaging in healthy discussions with youth to help break down stereotypes and barriers to create a safe place where youth can succeed academically as well as athletically. Aleisha is excited to continue promoting body positivity, self-confidence and mental toughness with Mint Conditioners for years to come.


Sonia Reed

Sonia Reed is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who graduated with honours from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2008. She is currently perusing her own private practice and furthering her education to become a Return to Food Coach.
Nutrition is fundamental, you cannot feel or do your best in life without being properly nourished. We all have different needs, and as a RHN, we have a comprehensive understanding that everyone is unique. One cannot help someone with a one size fits all paradigm. Sonia specializes in food sensitivity/intolerances and allergies as she has experienced these issue first hand with herself and family members. Sonia loves to educate the youth of today about proper nutrition.
Everyone has the right to real food and real nourishment and it is her goal in life to provide this to others. Sonia uses a hands on approach to teach. Whether it be personal shopping, recipes, or lessons in the kitchen, Sonia knows how to get you the best possible outcome.
In her spare time, Sonia loves to cook and create in the kitchen with her children as often as possible. She also loves the great outdoors and exploring BC's Farmers Markets as food tastes its best when fresh and local.
Sonia loves being apart of the Mint Conditioning team, and looks forward to continue to empower our athletes with the keys to success for healthy nutrition.



Hillary Keegan

Hillary Keegan is a certified yoga instructor and Lululemon ambassador. She is certified in both RYT and YHot yoga. Hillary has been apart of the Mint Conditioning team since early 2015, and continues to provide our athletes with a challenging and fun yoga sessions. Hillary takes great pride in giving clear instruction and providing accurate alignment cues during her sessions. She is an irreplaceable part of the Mint Conditioning team and is well loved by all the athletes.


We look forward to continuing to work with Hillary for years to come.