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Individual Rehab

Individuals looking to rehabilitate acute or chronic injuries

Group Training

Groups looking for individual attention, peer support and social interaction.


Additional Benefits

  • Lauren J. - Athlete

    Mint conditioning has helped me improve my over all strength and confidence. Sara has helped me through my back and neck issues and she has been an amazing role model for me.

  • Krista L - Athlete

    Mint Conditioning has helped me with my body image and is a place where I can forget about my anxiety and also feel accepted for who I am. The girls I have met through Mint have made a huge impact on my life and really inspire me to be my best self.

  • DonnĂ©e J. - Athlete

    Mint is one of the best things I look forward to in my week! It is so impactful being around people like Sara who push me to be the best me I can be! Mint has made me so much stronger and fitter! I love how supportive she and Frankie are toward my goals and how they help me get there.

  • Jasson A. - Parent

    Your training sessions and mentoring has had a very positive affect on our team, my daughter has certainly benefitted

  • Natasha A - Athlete

    Mint (more importantly Sara) gave me the confidence that I never had in myself. Every time I walked into the gym, I was pushed to be better and to work harder, to finish that last rep. Outside of the gym, mint gave me the drive and ability to play to my full potential on the softball field.